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July 6, 2018

Episode 002 – What is Affiliate Marketing & How Can You Make Money in Your Sleep

Episode 002 – What is Affiliate Marketing & How Can You Make Money in Your Sleep

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What is Affiliate Marketing? a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Affiliate Marketing 101 is Launched.

Business in a Box.

Just stopped to ponder that I just turned the Legal Drinking Age with regards to my Internet Marketing Journey.

I have been doing some form of Internet Marketing since July 5th of 1997. 21 Years.

I remember installing the first modem banks and sending out the floppy disk and CDs in the mail and waiting for the users to connect to our ISP. The 1st Press Release issued by Microsoft that shared our accomplishments.

The path has been anything but boring… Developing Internet Commerce Software. Building an RC Racing store with my Brother Matt Adkison. Creating a Watch Store. Creating Data Warehouses for Corporations to mine data, long before the term Analytics or Moneyball was used. Posting Homes for Sale online before IDX existed. Helping potential agents discover the advantages of a Career in Real Estate with Keller Williams via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. Wow – what a ride. I currently have over Half a Million pages of content on the Internet that I have created over the years.

Real Estate has always been an avenue to bring a practical application of the internet towards directly helping consumers – home buyers and home sellers. That has been my focus since 2001 and it will continue to be.

And there are so many other ways that I am looking forward to helping other industries apply internet marketing in a practical manner.

I can not wait to see what the next 21 years have in store and the opportunity to help others with technology and Internet Marketing along the way via the U of Earl.

Time for a Cold One. Make it a Double.

July 1, 2018

Episode 1 – Mid Year Resolutions

Episode 1 – Mid Year Resolutions

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July 1st, 2018 – Happy Canada Day

39 year ago today – SONY released the Walkman.  Do you remember all of the cassette tapes that you had?  And now you are listening to a podcast on your phone.  

Half way thru 2018

Mid Year Resolutions???

Recently read an article by Lindsay Dodgson

Talking about New Years Resolutions and thought it was fitting for the mid-year.

  • About 80% of people fail to stick to their New Year’s resolutions for longer than six weeks.
  • Most resolutions involve trying to be healthier in some way.
  • Psychological reasons we don’t succeed include overthinking how arduous our resolutions will be, and leaving ourselves mental get-out clauses.

Work back from the destination

Where to you see yourself or your business this time next year?

End of year?

Major in Minor Decisions.  It does not have to be overwhelming if you follow a process.


Legacy.  What is my destination?  Feeling or outcome

Tangible or intangible

Results – measurements

What Actions do you need to take?

Do you know how to take those actions or do you need to get some Education.  Is it something I need to learn or something that I have learned that I need to implement

Once you have the process – there has to be some Awareness – when you know better, you do better.

It also helps to have Accountability – tighten the measurement points and adjustments.

If you need assistance with anyone of these area, visit and schedule a free initial consultation.


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