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Affiliate Marketing 101 Course

I am proud to announce my Affiliate Marketing 101 Course.  http://affiliate101.uofearl.com/

In 1997, I was the founding President of an Internet Service Provider in the Washington DC area.  This was back in the days of dial up modems and floppy disk and CDs that we sent to users to entice them to use our service over another.

Another way that we attracted users was thru the use of user referrals.  It wasn’t called Affiliate Marketing at the time.  But that was exactly what it was.  I still remember a user of our service that was sent us an email because he was so excited because he had figured out a way to get his internet service for free by getting all of his friends and family to sign up for our service.  He thought he was pulling a fast one on us.  We laughed all the way to the bank because we now had 12 new users that we otherwise would not have had, all paying us on a monthly basis.

That is the way that Affiliate Marketing works.  Companies want you to promote their products.

At the U of Earl, I have taken the time to figure this system out for you and created a business in a box for you to take advantage of the Affiliate Marketing systems.  I have gathered all of the tools, systems and steps for you to get up and running.

http://affiliate101.uofearl.com/ – Robert Earl with UofEarl presents Affiliate Marketing 101 Training Course (aka Affiliate Side Hustle).

This is a true business in a box, Affiliate Marketing Program. If you have tried online marketing in the past and are frustrated with only being given offers or theory or teased with a little information only to realize that you had to purchase another system then you understand the importance of a complete package. One that provides for you the education, actions to implement to get the results that you desire to improve your lifestyle.

That is what the U of Earl is all about and this Affiliate Marketing 101 program follows the model.

By the end of 7 days you will have a complete system up and running and will be on your way to making affiliate dollars.

Affiliate Marketing 101 @ UofEarl – AM101 AKA ASH Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/782481075474947/

I have been doing some form of Affiliate Marketing since 1997 and I have seen a lot of programs come and go. Yet Affiliate Marketing has stood the test of time. Don’t delay – get your business in a box today – http://affiliate101.uofearl.com/

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