CHAMBER SECRETS presented by U of Earl 

With local Chamber of Commerce Dues Ranging from $200 to $20,000 per year - How can you get a positive R.O.I.?

I have the Secrets - and I will share them with you in this free report.


You Have a Magic Potion

Most Chamber Members don't know how to use it.


You Have a Guide to Riches

One of the Most Underutilized Opportunities within the Chamber.


The Chamber has a Treasure Map

Would you take a trip without a GPS?

Of Course Not!  So find out how to get your Chamber Treasure Map.


Showing Up IS Half the Battle

But it is not enough...  The CHAMBER SECRETS Guide will unlock the mystery of the Chamber Membership.

I got a copy of Chamber Secrets and within two weeks I got my first referral from a fellow Chamber Member.  My first one.  That is saying alot becasue I have been a Chamber Member for 2 years.  I highly recommend you get the guide.

Ken S, Insurance Agent

Whether you are considering joining a Chamber or if you already have a membership—this Guide is for you. In it, I show you the 7 Secrets that I have found to unlock the Chamber of Commerce Membership Return on Investment that so many business are looking for.

This Guide is designed with a variety of groups in mind.  I am confident that you will identify with at least one, if not several of these groups.

The Curious Non-Members: I have heard that I should become a Chamber Member of the Chamber. “They” say it would help my business, but I don’t really see how.

The Directory Members: They are called this because the only place you see them is in the Chamber Directory and by the Chamber sticker in their window.

The Dabblers: Yes, I went to a couple of Chambers events. I didn’t get anything out of them.

The “They Made me do it” Members: Yes, my company has a Chamber Membership and the company made me go to some events. I don’t think we really got anything out of it.

The Check Writers:
We sponsor Chamber events now and then. As we look at our budget, we don’t believe the Chamber is giving us a return.

The Chamber Regulars: Yes I am a member and I show up because it gives me something to do.  I don’t see what I get out of it though.

Whichever group you fall into, this Guide is for you.

This one of a kind Chamber Guide will unlock the keys to Chamber Success.

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