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July 7, 2018

Email Follow Up in ClickFunnels when Someone Purchases a One Time Offer

So I Signed up for an offer on a Webpage the other night, and I also bought the product on the following page.

Next thing you know, I was getting multiple emails.  It made me question the quality of the rest of the information that was in the email and the reports and class.

I knew this had to be a mistake.  This is not the way that ClickFunnels works. So I did some FunnelHacking and this video is the results. – So you have created a Squeeze Page with a One Time Offer and an Upsell. You have Stacked Funnels.

So how do you send an email to the consumer to deliver your free report and access to the class that you they just purchased.

Alot of Funnels that I hack send out 3 or 4 emails by using the Automation Email at each step of the funnel. You DO NOT have to do this. –

You can use Actionetics. Doing so will allow you to create RULES and target your emails based upon the product that they purchased for the initial purchase AND target them based upon what they didn’t purchase.

No more need to send a bunch of emails and turn off the purchaser.

ClickFunnels will save you thousands over using a cobbled together system. Try it out for free. –

For more information – visit:

You can also get my Free Affiliate Marketing 101 Course –

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