About the U of Earl

The U of Earl is the brainchild of Robert Earl.  Robert Earl has been a Business Owner, Consultant & Coach for Decades.  This website and podcast will serve as the home base for the EARL community.  If you are dedicated towards taking your life to the next level, and leaving a legacy – then feel free to subscribe, follow along, comment and be engaged.  We look forward to having you on the journey.


The First Step is to Learn. To be in environments that teach you new ways to look at thing. That reveal to you truths that have been uncovered.


Education without Actions is strictly Entertainment.  Action cause the world to come alive.  Your life to blossom.



Actions lead to Results.  Good, Bad or Indifferent – they produce Results.  By being aware of the desired Results in the first place, and Educating & taking right Actions, we can impact the Results in a positive manner.


Have your Actions created the desired Results that you have been looking for?  Are they creating a positive LEGACY for you and your business.  If not, then we should set up a time to talk, shouldn’t we?


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